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7625 W 92nd Ave, Westminster, CO 80021
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Please call the office at 303-252-7790 for instructions on how to reach the on-call provider after regular business hours. You can also reach these instructions by calling Dr. Ozbay’s direct line at 303-254-7466.

About Me

Dr. Ozbay has been at our 92nd Avenue location since August 2010. She received her medical degree in Turkey, and practiced Tropical Medicine and General Practice in South Africa. Along with her husband and two children, Dr. Ozbay moved to the United States 11 years ago, and worked as a Physician Assistant. Dr. Ozbay completed a Residency in Family Medicine in Cheyenne, Wyoming and received her U.S. MD certification in 2010.

Philosophy: “I am a Family Physician who believes in preventive care and in the benefits of maintaining a healthy lifestyle for all ages. I consider myself easy to talk to, and I prefer to guide my patients to make the right decisions for themselves with any health issues. It is important to me that my patients are well-informed and that they get continued support in maintaining their health after recovery. I feel that I am at the right place to do the job that I love.”

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